What’s Considered a Dental Emergency?

Making a visit to your Grove City emergency dentist is a big decision. You may be in pain or feeling anxious about your oral health, but also wondering if you’re really in need of immediate treatment. Some dental issues might be distracting or bothersome, yet they’re safe enough to wait until the morning or even a few days before seeing a dentist. Seeing your regular dentist during the week could save you money over seeking emergency treatment. However, there are certain dental emergencies that can’t be ignored for even that long. 

Waiting to see a dentist could lead to complications or further pain when there truly is an emergency. Learn which situations call for finding an emergency dentist near me without delay.

A Broken Tooth

Whenever a tooth is broken, you’ll need to see a dentist immediately to save what is left. This is true whether the broken tooth splits down the middle, snaps off at the gum line, or is otherwise badly damaged. Even a seriously chipped tooth may need immediate attention. If you wait even a few days to see a dentist for a broken off or chipped tooth, an infection may set in and make it impossible to save what’s left. Prompt treatment may restore the original tooth or at least give you the option to use a veneer or crown to cover up the damage.

A Knocked Out Tooth

Any fall, car accident, or physical activity has a chance of knocking a tooth loose. Gather up the knocked out tooth if you can find it and rinse it off, placing it in a cup of water or milk to protect it. Then contact an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. If you can, place the tooth back in its socket and protect it with a wad of gauze until you see the dentist. The quicker you can get into the dentist’s office, the better the chance of saving the original tooth. If the tooth can’t be saved, the dentist can still help the wound heal and will recommend replacement options like dental implants or a bridge.

More Than Minor Bleeding

A little blood when you’re brushing or flossing doesn’t necessarily warrant a trip to an urgent dental care clinic, although you do need to see a dentist when you can to treat the early signs of gum disease. However, bleeding that’s more than just a few drops of blood from anywhere in the mouth can indicate a serious injury or infection. See an emergency dentist if you suspect the blood is coming from your gums or damage to a tooth.

Infections with Fever

An abscessed tooth is a serious condition you should see a dentist about as soon as possible. But it becomes a life-threatening emergency if you develop a fever to go along with the swelling and pain. Oral infections tend to stay localized and don’t cause as many widespread effects as other infections. If you’re experiencing even a low fever of 99 degrees F, the infection has likely spread and could threaten your life. Since the mouth is so close to the brain and the heart, it doesn’t take much for the bacteria to reach these vital areas. Don’t put off a dentist’s visit any longer if you develop a fever to go with an oral infection.

Intense Pain with Other Side Effects

Intense pain anywhere in the mouth is a sign of something going seriously wrong. If the pain doesn’t fade after a few moments or is accompanied by other side effects, you likely need to see an emergency dentist. You could have a hidden tooth infection or impacted teeth that are threatening to damage the rest of the jaw. Watch out in particular for swelling of the jaw, headaches with no other cause, mild fever, dizziness, and any difficulty in chewing or speaking normally. Even if it’s another unrelated condition that could be life-threatening, the dentist is trained to recognize the signs of stroke and other issues and help you get the right treatment.

Loose or Missing Filling

Finally, even a loose or missing filling is an emergency. This is especially true for larger dental prostheses like crowns, dental implants, and veneers. They’ll only become more damaged and harder to save the longer you wait. It may seem small and simple enough, but a missing filling or loose crown quickly allows bacteria to move in and start up an infection. See the dentist within a few hours of noticing the problem for the best results.

You don’t have to go far to get the fantastic dental care you need. Choose us here at Grove City Smiles for both your routine dental care needs and those emergencies that leave you in pain. We’ll treat you with compassion no matter what.

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