Dental Bridges

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With several options for improving smiles, no one needs to live with damaged or missing teeth. If you’ve got a few missing or damaged teeth, dental bridges can give you a healthy and confident smile. Without dental bridges, missing teeth can create more problems, like shifting teeth, challenges with eating and speaking, and pain. 

If you are considering dental bridges, we invite you to call Grove City Smiles to arrange a free consultation with our friendly dental team. 

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are dental appliances that fill empty spaces due to missing or damaged teeth. The bridges have dental crowns that fit atop the teeth on both sides of the space. Dentists recommend dental bridges to people who have healthy gums and teeth but have one or two damaged teeth. 

Dental labs craft bridges for teeth with one or more prosthetic teeth between a pair of crowns. The prosthetic teeth are also called “pontic” teeth. Labs make them from several materials, and they usually have a porcelain crown to make them look like natural teeth. The dental crowns also have porcelain exteriors so they match the pontic tooth. 

Benefits of a Tooth Bridge

Patients who are missing a few teeth benefit from dental bridges. Along with making smiles look confident and healthy, they also help with chewing and talking. Dental bridges also keep surrounding teeth from moving into the open space. Missing teeth can be uncomfortable and painful, so filling the space with a bridge reduces pain while improving oral health. 

Steps to Getting a Dental Bridge

Getting a tooth bridge takes several dental visits. At the first appointment, the dentist will examine the teeth that will wear the crowns. The dentist will remove some enamel so the crowns fit precisely. After preparing the teeth, the dental assistant will scan your mouth or take impressions to send to a dental lab to make the bridge. 

While the lab is making the bridge, the dentist will put a temporary bridge in your mouth. The bridge will keep your teeth in place while the lab makes the permanent one. After the new bridge arrives, you need two appointments, one to place it and the second as a follow-up to see if your bridge needs any adjustments. 

When Will I Need a Replacement Tooth Bridge?

Most bridges last for up to 15 years, especially if you practice good oral hygiene while wearing them. During your biannual cleaning and exams, the dentist and hygienists will clean your bridge and check the fit. 

What Does a Dental Bridge Cost?

If you need a dental bridge, the cost varies based on several factors. The first is the teeth replacement cost, then the dental bridge cost. Fortunately, most dental bridge procedures are covered by insurance. Our friendly dental office staff can help you understand your teeth replacement costs and dental bridge costs based on your insurance coverage. 

Grove City Smiles Is Your Local Dental Bridge Dentist

Everyone deserves to have a healthy and confident smile. At Grove City Smiles, we understand what damaged or missing teeth due to your confidence and smile. With dental bridges, our dentists can change the way you smile, eat, and speak. We offer compassionate and high-tech dentistry, so many dental bridge appointments happen quickly and conveniently. 

At our comfortable dental office filled with state-of-the-art equipment, our dental staff will make you feel at ease while taking care of your dental problems. We invite you to contact our office staff to arrange for a consultation about tooth replacement, dental bridges, and other oral health needs. Our goal is to treat you with respect and give you a healthy and dazzling smile!

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