White Dental Fillings

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Dental fillings are amongst the most commonly performed restorative treatments. While there are various types of filling materials that can help restore teeth, white dental fillings, also known as composite fillings, are made to blend in with the natural shade and appearance of your teeth. 

Accordingly, they are the best choice for anyone who wants the most natural-looking and practically invisible fillings that are aesthetically pleasing and do not detract them from their smile. Here’s an overview of white dental fillings for you to review before scheduling your next appointment at Grove City Smiles. 

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a minimally invasive, restorative treatment used to treat a small hole in the enamel of teeth, which occurs due to tooth decay. Tooth decay refers to damage to a tooth that occurs when harmful bacteria build up in your mouth, forming acids that lead to tiny holes in the teeth called cavities.

Cavities don't go away unless treated. If overlooked, they can lead to severe pain and sensitivity, infect the surrounding areas of your mouth, and even cause tooth loss. Fortunately, filling cavities is a straightforward procedure, and white dental fillings are becoming increasingly popular to treat them. 

How Are Cavities Removed?

The cavity treatment process may cause some discomfort but is relatively short and comfortable. The general steps include: 

  • The dentist numbs the gums around the affected tooth with a local anesthetic to enhance comfort.
  • They will then use a specialized tool like a laser drill to get rid of the decayed, damaged area of the tooth.
  • They will apply the composite resin filling material to fill the hole.
  • Lastly, the composite material will be hardened using a special LED light.

The dentist may polish the finished tooth to smoothen the filling and slightly adjust it to give you a normal bite and prevent malocclusion. If you feel any pain during your treatment, inform your dentist right away. 

How Long Does a Cavity Filling Take?

The cavity filling procedure is quite straightforward and typically takes under an hour to complete for most patients. If you have multiple cavities that need to be removed, the process may take longer than usual. 

Once in place, white dental fillings will hold their strength for at least 5-7 years. However, their longevity ultimately depends upon how well you care for your dental hygiene. It is not uncommon for these tooth-colored fillings to last a decade if you maintain a healthy mouth. 

How to Prevent Cavities

While cavities are some of the most common dental problems, practicing good oral and dental habits can help prevent tooth decay. The following are some tips to reduce your risk of developing cavities:

  • Brush your teeth after eating and drinking sugary drinks with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Rinse with mouthwash and floss daily
  • Avoid sweets and sticky foods like candy that get stuck on the tooth surface for long periods
  • Get professional cleanings and dental exams done every six months
  • Consider a fluoride treatment or dental sealants for added protection against tooth decay
  • Drink fluoridated water

Dental Fillings Cost

Dental fillings are usually covered by insurance. However, the type of fillings covered will depend upon your insurance plan and the amount it can pay for every year. You may contact our Grove City Smiles dental office to learn more. 

Restoring Your Smile With White Fillings at Grove City Smiles

Putting off a dental filling can lead to a cavity eventually growing larger, leaving you with the painful options of tooth extraction and enhancing your risk of nerve damage.

The highly experienced team at Grove City Smiles is committed to providing you with the best dental care in a comfortable and compassionate setting at affordable rates. Contact our office today to schedule your white fillings treatment and reclaim a healthy mouth and beautiful smile.

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